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Counselling & Psychotherapy

Do you feel as if things have just become to much for you to deal with and that you're finding yourself going around in circles, feeling lost and confused?

Is it time for you to talk with a professional about events in your past which you feel may now be affecting you present life.

Perhaps it's about improving your communication skills with certain individuals in your life or looking towards improving your career prospects.

Counselling for change!

As the counsellor, my role is not to tell you what to do, but rather to enable you to bring about effective change that will enhance your ability to manage your problems now and in the future.

Sometimes we come to the point where talking with friends and family just doesn't seem to help. Talking to someone who is independent of a situation and can listen in a non-judgmental and accepting manner can help to make sense of what may be a stressful, sad or anxious situation.

Therapeutic counselling can provide a space where you can freely explore your thoughts, feelings and behaviours safely and confidentially can help gain a perspective of the problem and explore ways to move forward in a supportive and caring environment.

Some of the areas I work with include:

Domestic Abuse
Low self-confidence and low self-esteem
Relationship issues
Pet bereavement
Obsessive compulsive disorder
Suicidal thoughts
Work related stress

What to expect

Each counselling session lasts 50 minutes and in the initial meeting we talk about what has brought you to counselling.

I will also ask some questions and then explain how the counselling process works. It will give you the opportunity to ask questions and discuss any worries and concerns you may have and then between us we agree to the frequency and time that these sessions will take place.

Counselling is about..





Sessions are confidential and empathic allowing you to explore and express your thoughts and feelings and make sense of your worries in a safe environment.

"I can provide you the space and opportunity for personal growth and self-development"


I am a Humanstic counsellor which means I can offer you a non-judgemental, understanding and supportive environment. As a humanistic counsellor I can help you to understand more about who you are, your self development and the ways in which you can attain personal growth and self awareness.

Humanistic counselling also helps you to understand your thoughts, feelings and behaviour and explore the possibilities of creating personal choices and change in your life.

As a BACP registered counsellor I abide by their ethical guidelines. Without confidentiality it would be very hard to build a trusting relationship within the therapy room and to be able to speak freely.

It can be hard to open up and share your feelings and without being assured of confidentiality the therapeutic relationship would be unable to develop. Confidentiality is key to developing the therapeutic relationship between counsellor and client.

Here's what the BACP say in their Ethical Guidelines.

"Respecting clients' privacy and confidentiality are fundamental requirements for keeping trust and respecting client autonomy. The professional management of confidentiality concerns the protection of personally identifiable and sensitive information from unauthorised disclosure. Disclosure may be authorised by client consent or the law. Any disclosures of client confidences should be undertaken in ways that best protect the client's trust and respect client autonomy"

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